Azucena Sánchez Benito was born in Valencia in the Hospital La Fe, on October 15, 1978 and since early age resided in Massamagrell (Valencia), where her parents emigrated from youth. His family comes for the paternal side from Torremocha del Jiloca (Teruel) and for the maternal side from Hellin (Albacete). Currently resides in  L’Eliana (Valencia).

    Daughter of Sebastian and Miracle is the fifth of seven brothers (Milagro, Sebastian, Maria Jose, Teresa, and Juan Ramón Francisco). Thanks to his father and older brother (Sebastian) discovered his fondness for cycling and from her older sister (Mila) the passion for feeling, try helping with her ​​hands and words to the people.

     At age 7, she moved to Felanitx (Palma de Mallorca), where she lived until the age of 11 combining studies and sports (athletics, cycling and martial arts). At age 12, back to Massamagrell (Valencia), there she combined studies with cycling, athletics, martial arts and handball until 18 years.

           She practiced athletics, handball and martial arts, sports that also did well, but that was bicycling chose to turn pro:

           At age 23 is dedicated to professional cycling in Italy as part of the equipment Catalonia Aliverti Kookaï Camaiore – Lucca (Italy) for two seasons and Bianchi Il Muro team di Sormano – Lecco (Italy) during two seasons consolidated itself in the category at age 27.

          After his adventure in Italy decided to devote one year to compete in Tandem to guide the blind Ana Belén Miguelez .

              From age 29 to 32 is dedicated to the professional track cycling with the UCI Elite-Reyno de Navarra WRC Conor team since age 33  when decided  return to professional road cycling team in SC Michela Fanini Rox.

            Actualy working as a technical (coach) and massage with various amateur teams, professional and national teams so on related to the world of racing: Track, MTB, Road and Triathlon; combining it with his job coach, therapist and trainer in VyC Trainers. Residing between L’Eliana (Valencia) her current residence, Palma de Mallorca (Spain) and Italy.

          She has always had what he wanted and has spared no effort to get it. His family and personal experiences been taught, and much of the difficulties and problems of life. For her, the value of people is above all.