Byas Face Lifter, aesthetic technology at your fingertips

Have you ever dreamed of and wanted to feel younger? Have a look more youthful, radiant and toned?

You searched for healthy, economical solution for a more youthful appearance without resorting to cosmetic surgery, to annoying painful injections, without the use of expensive products?

Just like you, thousands of people in the world dream of having a more youthful, radiant and toned appearance.



The latest of the new aesthetic technology and beauty is available in a portable device, as, where and when you want.

Thanks to its special and patented Sera Wellstar Byas dissolving localized fat, moisturizing and toning the skin, giving the skin on your face a look more radiant, youthful and toned.

The patented system of Wellstar Byas is a professional, unique, proven rejuvenation system, does not require either surgery or painful injections and annoying, you save time and money.

With only 4 euros per treatment, you can get the benefit of 12 weekly treatments, rather than a single treatment that is also costly.

Wellstar Byas face Lifter has more than 100,000 customers worldwide happy and satisfied.

Now rejuvenate, enhance your appearance and take care of your image is not exclusively of the rich.

Wellstar Byas system you can also have a more youthful, toned and radiant appearance.


Byas Face Wellstar Lifter

Its unique technology MPST Wellstar Byas joins ionophoresis, radio frequency and the EMS (by acronym of Electro muscle stimulation)

The active ingredients come loaded and absorbed by your skin in depth and not just on the surface.

Let's look at the four technologies that make something as effective Wellstar Byas Face Lifter system


MPST of Wellstar Byas


Byas Face Lifter di Wellstar uses exclusive and innovative technology MPST (technology Multi synchronous PRO)



Intensive skin cleaning

Byas Face Lifter utilizes the natural principle of the opposite, i.e., opposite poles attract and same poles repel each other.

This natural principle has proven to be very subtle with your skin but also very effective

Byas Face Lifter of Wellstar purifies intensively your skin with the current negative and the ingredients contained in the serum Byas Bionic Detox penetrating the skin, helping it to regain its natural moisture that could be lost with the cleaning process.

Byas Face Lifter associated in synergy with micro vibration technology ionophoresis helping massage in depth each layer of tissue, promoting the flow of ingredients on the skin.

Intensive nutrition of the skin

With positive current and the serum Bionic Hyaluron containing hyaluronic acid, Byas Face Lifter nourishes your skin.

Hyaluronic acid Byas with anti aging of Wellstar exceptional ingredients, penetrates the deepest layers of skin unleashing his powerful regenerating and firming effect.

Deep wrinkles are reduced rapidly and minor wrinkles disappear. The result is an elastic, soft and toned skin.


Active principles of conventional creams that are applied in the wrinkles very little penetrate the layers of the skin and therefore do not have a lasting effect

Byas Face Lifter of Wellstar associates and combines technology of microvibration ionophoresis, massaging in way deep and uniform levels of tissue, favouring the absorption of the active ingredients in the epidermis.

Radio frequency


Wellstar Byas Face Lifter uses the radiofrequency system.

The airwaves thanks to its thermal action favor the removal of fatty tissue deposited on the Chin, cheeks and neck.

The years pass for everybody and advancing the time shows its effects in the face.

In fact over the years fat are deposited in the subcutaneous tissue of the face and facial muscles lose strength and tone.

The greatest effects can be found in areas of the Chin, neck and cheeks, where skin tends to sink, thus forming fat sacks.

Thanks to the thermal effect product of Byas Face Lifter radiofrequency waves, the metabolism of adipose tissue is strengthened and helps the reduction of fat deposits.

With Byas Face Lifter facial fat located between the top of the subcutaneous adipose tissue and the lower part of the dermis is distributed evenly, speeding up the metabolism of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, encouraging the consumption of fats and modeling the face according to their natural line.

The thermal effect of radiofrequency waves skin is restricted, stimulating contractions of the fibers of collagen protein structures.

The effect obtained is an area of the skin more elastic, solid and toned.

Radiofrequency treatments must be accompanied with Byas Intense Forming Gel and its special complex of active ingredients Lipo release.




Wellstar Byas Face Lifter uses EMS electrical muscle stimulation that creates muscle contractions. Facial muscles respond to electrical impulses from low frequency with the contraction.

Thanks to the pulses of low-frequency Byas Face Lifter facial muscles contract, while relax when impulses, at the same time massaging the layers of the skin thanks to the synergistic combination of the EMS powered by the microvibrations.

It favors the rejuvenation of your skin, the consolidamiento of your facial muscles and reduction of wrinkles rebooting its natural conformation, becoming more toned skin smooth and radiant.

EMS technology treatments are accompanied by Byas Bionic Hyaluron serum and its exclusive complex of hyaluronic acid Byas.



Prof. Dr. Jürgen Lademann – Dr. Martina Meinke

The study carried out by the Berlin University Clinic has examined the use of Byas Face Lifter of Wellstar, penetration of a serum anti aging (Byas Hyaluron) and its components, with a high percentage of hyaluronic acid with other various antioxidants.

It has shown a lot of serum components found in various strata of the epidermis after infiltration and Byas Hyaluron with Byas Face Lifter serum absorption.

These excellent results show that Byas can be particularly suitable to compensate hyaluronic acid which decreases with the passage of time.


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