To purchase Lifewave products must go and buy directly on website of the company as my client, they are responsible for make you reach virtually any part of the world in which you are. I you will go with your pata purchase process questions or if you need help in terms of methods of application, results, etc. Remember that you have a with the company's money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Let's begin!

The first thing is to enter the corporate website as my client.

So type in your browser:

You'll see that he puts up: independent distributor AZUCENA SANCHEZ THERAPIST & COACH.

Congratulations! You're in my URL.

Now select the country in which you are or the language with which you want to continue.

In this case we opt for "SPAIN".


If you know that product like, please click above right on buy it now!

If you still don't know it, can give you a tour of different products or contact me so that together determine what may be better in your case.


If it is the first time that you buy, click new customer.

If you have already purchased in other occasions congratulations! You know how it goes. Enter your email address and password and continue with your purchase.

It is important to appear above my name AZUCENA SANCHECH THERAPIST & COACH as an independent distributor, so you make sure to be buying me my…



The following is to select the country where you want you get the order.



Do you have it? We continue!

Left all products will appear:




And-AGE: You will find:

-Glutathione (detoxifying and cleansing)

-Carnosine (anti-aging and regenerative skin)

-Aeon (anti-stress)

In welfare systems will find the product CORSENTIALS star.

Maverick only to men.

MATRIX: the mobile radiation shield.

And the rest of patches:

-Icewave (pain)

-Energy enhancer (energy)

-Silent night (insomnia)

-Sp6 (appetite control)

You will get the language by default in the country, but you can change it up to the right if you're more comfortable with another.

Already have you chosen? We continue!

Let's say that we want to keep under control our appetite, click on sp6. You will be another tab that makes "product" returns to give you and you will see the screenshot here.


You can choose the amount of products you want and add "shopping cart".

If you want to continue buying other products, click on the product you want and repeat the operation.

(Remember that if you want to use more of the products on a regular basis we recommend that you enroll in silver level and thus you can avail of discounts appearing there for multiple purchases).

When you add the product to the shopping cart you will be shown in this screen.


If you are already a customer put your number and customer's email and password, if you are a new customer, fill the form with the information you requested. The next time you enter already can enter using only your email address and password.

Select the product and quantity, you'll see that the chosen items will appear right in the shopping cart.

When you have everything selected, a screen appears you like this. Recalls that the previous one coming out is in dollars and should do the conversion with the currency you want to pay (in the case of the euro is a little less). Taxes are subject to the country of shipment.


IMPORTANT: in the "shipping method" can select: standard shipping – which is the regular mail which usually takes 2 weeks in Spain…

Or DHL Ireland which is a service of transport and courier that will make you get order form certified in 3-4 days to Spain.

Personally, for the difference in price I recommend select DHL to ensure that the package will be received as soon as possible.

You just need to fill in your payment method. When you have everything ready click on process order and congratulations!


You have already completed your order, you will get a confirmation screen with the order number and you will also receive a confirmation email in your email.

If you have selected the method of DHL Shipping you can track shipment.

Now just have to wait, any questions you may have please do not hesitate to contact me.

Congratulations and enjoy!