Whether you want to sign up for the purchase of products for your personal use, as if what you want is to sign up to develop a business must follow these steps.

Remember that we recommend to register for silver level for personal use and in gold or Diamond level if you want to develop your business.

All registrants have these benefits:

  • Reduction in the purchase price of the product up to 40%.
  • A duplicate web site of Lifewave where you can manage your orders, portfolio of clients, commissions, etc.
  • Advice and free training on the use of the products and to grow your business. Both by the company and by our team.
  • Ability to generate sales, receive direct commissions and passive income.
  • A set of minimum requirements flexible and permissive that varies depending on your personal or commercial objectives.

Are you ready? We go beyond!

That you're my sponsored and be part of our team, you must enter the duplicate of my corporate website. To do this:

Type in your browser:

You'll see that he puts up: independent distributor AZUCENA SANCHEZ THERAPIST & COACH.

Congratulations! You're in my URL.

Now select the country in which you are or the language with which you want to continue.

In this case we opt for "SPAIN".


Click on "Register" above to the right.


A page like this should jump:



Back to click on the red button that says "sign up to become a Lifewave distributor" > start here.

It is important to up my name appear Tamara Barceló as independent distributor to be sure that you're sponsored by me.

I should not appear, for the reason that is, don't worry. A screen appears you like this:


"In" register to become a Lifewave Distributor: "enter the number of ID or the URL of the Distributor that referred you to this site".

There simply have to put the following number: 873842

And ready!

Read and accept the conditions.


Select the country where you want to receive your registration package.



First, you decide which category you want to register and then select the Pack within the category with products that most interest you. Each pack consists of different products, different combinations of packages of patches, only Corsentials, etc.

Choose which best suits to your needs and expectations:


Once decided, go down and click on continue.

Fill in the following fields requested:


In "Duplicate web site URL" you need to put how you want it to call your web page. Mine for example

Then in that space I put azucenasanchez

You can use your own name, your company name, your initials, any that you invent, etc. Accept you it if and when there is already a dealer with that same URL.

To continue, read the policies, accept them and continues!



You can now activate an autoship with the products you want. What is the autoship? Every 4 weeks will send you the product or products that you want automatically. You no longer have to worry about ordering every month. You will automatically come to your House and you can change its contents or cancel it when you wish.

If you do not want to activate the autoship and prefer to do manual orders when you want go direct, ente below and click continue.

But on the other hand want to use regularly for example silent nights patches can activate an autoship, click on the product and quantity and already you won't be without sleep or one night for not doing the order in time.

You can also order promotional materials and marketing.

Once you've activated the autoship or not, you will be shown a screen very similar but different, look up puts "more enrollment options".


Here you can extend your current order in a timely manner, if for example you want promotional material such as brochures or if you want some more of some product package, the maverick or the Matrix for your cell phone you can order them here and they got you together with the registration packet.

Clicla on the products you want, choose the quantity, low down everything and dale to continue. If you don't want to extend your order selections nothing, falls directly and give it to continue.


And finally enter your payment method, make sure well have the address. Give below to process your order and congratulations!!

You already have a new distributor of LifeWave.

You will receive a confirmation with your number call sign, URL, email and password.

Soon we will contact with you in case you need some help.

If you want to start a walk in your back office you can go to the home screen. Up in log. You insert your URL or number of dealer and your password and forward to your virtual office.



Any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to contact me.