Good afternoon to all / as:

My name is Isabel Cutanda and I should like to explain my story…

Azucena I met when he was 21 years old, I am currently 26 years old, but my story begins at age 14 when he suffered from eating disorders and a host of problems that flowed in emotional instability (I was continually depressed, sick and ultimately was always wrong).

One day, by circumstances of my studies, I met a group of people who practiced the MTB (mountain bike) and I started to interest me in this sport. Because of my tendency to suffer from anemia (anemic) and the way in which bike passed to become the exhaust valve to all my problems… I was injured above training myself I violated. Until traditional medicine and the doctors diagnosed me a lumbo-sciatica, herniated disc and Hip bursitis, said me that never again could do sport and much less cycling, which was for me the only thing that me to happy.

Then I met Lily by chance at a family dinner, at the time we started to talk I realized that I had lots of experience and that was of these people that you realize right away that are professional, but the real (not as many officials who tried to treat me without any success), so by his experience and professionalism, I asked that we start to work :

Physically, through his help as a nutritionist, sports massages, therapies and personalized training started to improve every day a little more, until finally I could get a bike, to make a normal life and go find me better physically every day.

Psychologically – as it is not only a personal trainer, but also coach Hypnotherapist – I started to gain self-esteem, confidence and security in myself and above all started to overcome obstacles in my life that I blocked and I was not allowed to advance as a person.

As I said, I currently have 26 years, I have changed a lot, life has changed me and in that part Azucena is one of the highest responsible… have fulfilled desires: I have come to compete with women in road cycling and now I still have future projects where Lily plays a very important role. Thank you.

From Switzerland with love, a greeting.

Isabel Cutanda Civera