Whether you want to sign up for the purchase of products for your personal use, or if you want to sign up to develop a business, you'll need to follow these steps.

Remember that we recommend registering at SILVER level for personal use and at the GOLD, PLATINO or DIAMOND level if you want to develop your business.

All enrollees have these benefits:

  • Discount on the purchase price of products up to 40%.
  • A duplicate Lifewave website where you can manage your orders, customer book, commissions, etc.
  • Free advice and training regarding the use of products and grow your business. Both from the company and by our team.
  • Possibility to generate sales, receive direct commissions and passive income.
  • A flexible and permissive minimum requirements system that varies according to your personal or business objectives.

Prepared? Let's go!

In order for you to be my sponsor and be part of our team, you must enter the duplicate of my corporate website. To do this:

Type in your browser:

You will see that above puts AZUCENA SANCHEZ THERAPIST & COACH.

Congratulations! You're already in my URL.

Now select the country you're in or the language you want to continue with.

In this case we will opt for "SPAIN".

click on "JOIN" in the menu on the right.


You should get a page like this:

If you already have a Lifewave account, sign in with your details from the START SESSION button. If you don't have an account, select country from the drop-down and click JOIN NOW.

It is important that my name AZUCENA SANCHEZ THERAPIST & COACH appear above as an independent distributor to make sure you are sponsored by me.

You'll see a screen like this: 

First, decide which membership category you want to sign up for and then customize the Kit within membership with the products and quantities that interest you the most. Each Kit is composed of different products, different combinations of patch packs, only Corsentials, etc. You ced it to your liking.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and expectations:

Once decided, go downstairs and click continue.

Fill in the following fields that are requested for personal information, address, shipping information, and billing. In the right column of the website you can see that my data appear as "enrolador" and also a link to modify if you want the products chosen in the Membership Kit.

We're going to look at the one that says "Your personal website and login". Here we must configure the data of the website that will be created so that you can sell Lifewave products.

In "USER NAME" you have to put what you want your website to be called. Mine, for example, is:

So in that space I put lilies sanchez

You can use your own name, your company name, your initials, one you invent, etc. It will accept you as long as there is no longer a reseller with that same URL.

To continue, read the policies, accept them and continue!


Now to finish enter your payment method, I will make sure you have the address right. Give down to process the order and HAPPY!!

You're already a new LifeWave distributor.

You will receive a confirmation with your ID number, URL, email and password.

We'll get back to you soon in case you need any help.

If you want to start walking around your virtual office you can go to the home screen. Up to log in. Insert your URL or reseller number and password and forward to your virtual office.



Any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.