(physical and psychological care)

Good afternoon to all / as

I am Manuel Royo and the writing of this I have 54 April. About two years ago and half more or less that I met Lily, at that moment she was instructor of the Mandor and I a man, which had begun to feel over the years. I was encouraged to go to the gym to try to alleviate the effects of the passage of time in my body and in my mind, which indeed are many when one is carried through life without taking the reins. From the outset Azucena was someone special to me in the gym, since he went to rectify my exercises and advise me on how to do the movements without having to ask for your help. As with me, I saw that this was something I did with many other people, attitude that everyone sincerely thanked and us to helped most enjoy and learn from this great experience which is physical exercise.

Any given day while enjoying my free time in house, happened something that changed me forever. April 25, 2011 I had an accident and I broke my hip, they had to operate on me and put me a few irons and a few nails that tore apart my muscles. It was a very painful and tragic event that changed my life in many aspect and a good section of them all, was directly involved Azucena.

When you return home with wheelchair everything is different, you can't be independent as eras it before and my great Odyssey of the gymnasium had to do interrupted for a while. Azucena started to help me out of the doldrums in which I was involved and my crutches since I quickly enough to walk "seemed to me to the King". She was advising me on how to do exercises to strengthen muscles without damaging me and as if it wasn't enough began to massage me (which she will know the force that had to do with me, to be able because they were really painful for my).

Of these facts that I've even told not or two years ago and today I am a man from which came with your Chair after a long operation. With effort, energy and a great professional help I managed to walk and even run it is more, now I have regained strength and I can bear weight with his legs, making about 20 repetitions in press 100 kg. Go about three times a week to the gym, recalling that Lily has taught me to recover fully physically and more important to recover the illusion of continue caring for me. It is a great achievement for me get to where I've come since it has been a great sacrifice and I know that without it he would not have been the same.

I think that Azucena is a very good professional which I hope Mandor sepa rating and a better friend and person.

I can only say, thank you Lily.

Manuel Royo