Hello, my name is Rafa Herrero and this is the story that changed my life in sports, after meeting Azucena Sánchez both my health.

Just over one year ago, particularly in July 2011, I presented at a dinner for friends to Azucena, I did not know it at all and we started talking about sports, something that me a little choco because talk sports with a woman was not very common in my life, because despite my hobbies which were related to sports I never practice them so professionally , because my physical I limited to completely unthinkable achievements for my.

I've been a person I've ever had since my childhood overweight even practicing sports such as judo, soccer, basketball, athletics, but nothing serious. When I speak of overweight I am referring to 127 kg with a height of 179 cm, always had knee and back problems. Come to try up to three different of which the only thing I lost was the money and was not some endocrine.

It all started to change after learning to Azucena and follow a personalized training plan, and as I say only training, during July – Agosto and September and following his training at the foot of the letter got lost 27 kg, and best of all is what they enjoyed doing sport and eating whatever the endocrine me banned, and at the same time he was taking a more than good physical condition After these three months and meet my partner who practiced cycling at a high level (is clear I really cycling), I proposed to Azucena if I could prepare for the half Ironman of Valencia, which was celebrated in March 2012, and told me that he had (very fair) shortly to prepare for how they should be but that with work and feel like we could try it and so it was , we got down to work, slowly was losing weight and taking more physical condition.

Both did, that in the month of January participate in a popular race of 10 km walk an average of 5.30 ' km without having never raced at that level, I was hallucinating with the progress it was making, perhaps for an experienced athlete is not great thing, but for my meant all a triumph.

Everything continued to rapidly and still losing weight and increasing my physical condition in February to participate in my first half-marathon 21.5 km and I not only got it to finish but that I marked 47 ' aprox. at 5 km, and what hurt me most was not having done better time, since I had a puncture in the back of the right leg to me under the final pace.

Meanwhile already all that remained was a month for the date of the race that was going to be 1, 5 km swim, 90 km bike road and 21, 5 km race walk, times were I going with the training that I would start by Azucena and for me was an achievement which was getting since it was ready to make a great career and to be able to finish it , but as this is sport, in a workout with the bike I fell and I was injured in the hip with what was finished I dream of that race and I was in the hands of the best therapist I've known Azucena Sánchez Benito and in just 20 days was training to 100% again and so was my obsession in participating in something more serious to participate in the classic rider of the 7 peaks is , 180km bike and swingeing 7 mountain passes, quite an achievement for my.

Many appraised this and probably think "go achievement", "that's nothing"… etc. but I can assure you that a person with 127kg of weight for and 179cm in height, is all a victory!, I am currently at 80 Kg and 1, 80 cm in height continuing with my training customized by Azucena and eating what I want, unfortunately no I cannot attend their sports massage of muscle discharge because I am out of the country, but what I can say is that thanks to Lily I am another different person , with different goals!

Thanks Lily

Rafael Herrero