stockvault-fruits127650Whether on vacation you have allowed some quirk another … And now come the regrets … Do not worry, luckily everything has a solution! And here I leave some of advice to get you started up line:

Weigh yourself without fear or obsessions. It is important to have an objective reference data so we can mark you objectives with weigh yourself once a week, always in the same condition is sufficient. Keep in mind, it’s a tool, but it should not become an obsession, weight is subject to a host of changes (hormonal drugs, diseases, etc.).
A healthy eating habits. Begins to regain the routine, place 5 meals a day (breakfast, mid morning, lunch, snack and dinner) with less anxiety to get to the main meal of the day.
 Pecking less caloric. Avoid snacks, ice cream and bakery products. Begin to introduce fresh fruit and low-fat dairy deli sandwich (ham or turkey) when mid-morning and afternoon snack.
Leave the salt in the salt shaker. Avoid intentionally adding salt in foods, sodium intake may promote retention. Instead you can choose spices and seasonings that will enrich your recipes healthier.
Drink water. Forget soft drinks, beers and gin and tonics: Tap rehydrate WATER WATER WATER!
Increase physical activity. There are many ways to exercise, I propose one (of the thousands that are:

  1. APP please download for your mobile phone (android or iphone or whatever …) or buy a pedometer.
  2.  First goal: 10,000 steps a week Do you find it difficult? Sure it is not.
  3.  Second objective: increase the number of weekly steps (5,000 in 5000).
  4.  Third objective: increase the speed (with a stopwatch, or whatever …).

Do not be drastic (the most important). Stop eating, prohibit food or dieting, miracle is the easy way to solve your short-term problems (always carry rebound effect). I propose willpower, perseverance and balanced diet MIND!

Ana Rivas

Healthy Eating