Hello friends,

I welcome you to my website.

My name is Azucena Sánchez Benito.

I am lucky to be one of those people who are professionally engaged in doing what they like. In my case, I am a personal trainer, Hypnotherapist, nutritionist, specialist in cycling and alternative therapies professional, helping people in times of growth or pain and to families in their task of love and take care of all of this.

More important than my studies, titles or publications, is what I’ve learned from all the people that I’ve related along more than 17 years of professional experience and 35 years of life. They have been and what they’ve shared with each one of those people that has kept me along so long restless, active, curious, and satisfied (but of course, that is difficult to describe in a presentation).

My main motivation, that makes me up every morning with enthusiasm, is to contribute to the well-being of the people: do something so that they are well and feel happy.

Come, I invite you to take a walk around the web. And for those that quieran know more about my you will also find my resume, so I know better.

So you can know who has visited me, can also leave me a note in the guestbook.

Be happy, a big hug and smile,

Azucena Sánchez Benito.