shutterstock_139392626 Functional bandage:

It is a type of partial immobilisation technique that is used in tendon, muscle and ligament injuries mainly.

Partial immobilization is says bandage limited mobility in the sense of the movement in which pain or could aggravate the injury, while allowing the rest of the movements of the joint or complex joint.

It has the advantage that avoids the drawbacks of an immobilization full (such as loss of muscle mass, loss of bone density – osteoporosis – the frozen region, circulatory problems, thromboembolism and other unwanted effects). It also enables support and mobility, ensuring maximum stability with a relative mobility.

  • The taping may be preventive or therapeutic. They will be preventive in the case of making the dressing without any prior injury but trying to minimize the risk of it. For example, the most common ankle sprain is, so it is very common for athletes with preventive taping to prevent this injury in particular.

In the case of therapeutic bandages, are bandages intended to alleviate a specific pathology, minimizing the pain and the risk of an aggravation of this pathology, but allowing the subject to practice their sport with the largest possible normal.

Take the case of some (for example, footballers) athletes who suffer such a mild ankle sprain. Even being slight any of us we would have several weeks without being able to walk well; However, these players are ready to compete the weekend following injury.

This is not magic, simply is that, in addition to physical conditions that allow faster recoveries, as well as a very advanced medical treatments professional and technological equipment, they have come out to play using these functional bandages, which limit the mobility to the injured area – reducing pain – to allow the rest of the ankle and foot movements. In this way, the player can yield in the field without fear that the injured ankle will be resent.

The functional vedaje appears as one more useful tool in sport, since it permits to reduce the risk of injury – preventive bandage – like sport, avoiding injury to go to more – therapeutic bandage.

But would not be more than, addition in the land sports, happen to use more extended form in multitude of injuries which, unfortunately, still continue keeping with gypsum and other types of hard assets, which not only do not help the recovery of the injury (for example, are not useful in ankle sprains…) but that can lead to the emergence of the negative consequences of immobilization (loss of muscle mass(, loss of bone density, risk of circulatory problems…).