How is the buying process and what happens after you make the payment?

After purchase you will receive a form to fill in with your information, so plan to be performed will be completely individualized. When payment is effective and the form has been delivered correctly proceed to the realization of the planning of training. The delivery time is 48-72 business hours, think that we are doing something completely individualized for you, it takes time. Anyway do not worry because the payment does not start counting until you receive all the documentation.

How long is the period of advice online?

The payment of the service entitles you to enjoy services during one month from the date on which you receive the documentation. I.e., the planning of training, nutritional strategies and daily monitoring to correct errors and contact with the trainer to resolve all questions that you have. During that month you will be constantly at your disposal a trainer to help you achieve results.

With a month of training is online enough?

entrenamientonlineFrom personal experience as coaches we know that usually a month is insufficient to convey all the knowledge and experience necessary. This does not mean that not worth a month, in reality, what you can learn in a month it is much better that do nothing. There are many people who have no budget to hire more mses and what they do is squeeze this month to learn everything. However, the ideal is that periods of counselling are greater to secure maximum transmitted knowledge and the results achieved. Normal tends to be contract between 3.6 and 9 months, in these periods of time the vast majority of people get results and learns enough to follow on their own.  Anyway, there are always exceptions, there are people who need more than 9 months and others with 1 or 2 months have everything clear. It depends on the person, but you are as you are our aim is that you get results.

What is the method of contact?

All counselling is carried out through a web/application that you can use from any computer, mobile or tablet. This web application will allow us to provide instant messaging, uploading files as the schedules, create texts, put task lists, calendars, etc. It is a very complete application that we will have everything very organized, stable, and will be connected at all times. Any way all messages that you send from the web/application also become email, and if you wanted to reply from the e-mail without entering the web/application.


Is it possible to contact using whatsapp?

Coaches whatsapp is not provided, but used in the application/web messaging is instant so for practical purposes is equal.

With that frequency you have some doubts?

The official period for questions is 48-72 business hours. However, this is simply to cover unforeseen, it is normal that the doubts are resolved every day and in many cases instantly.

How phone calls?

Only phone calls are available in the choice gold and Platinum with Azucena Sánchez. They are used so that explanations can be more detailed. To make a phone call would have to arrange a date with Azucena Sánchez. In this case, Azucena Sánchez would be who would rate the viability of phone calls, being in the majority of cases to solve several questions at the same time and avoid calls on a daily basis since it would not be effective. Voice calls tend to be very effective in explaining things and are carried out in those cases that the messaging snapshot/mail are not clear enough. These calls are subject to the availability of Azucena Sánchez by what is not guaranteed their viability at anytime, although generally given out to doubts without problem.

What is the difference between the 3 options silver, gold and Platinum?

The main difference between the silver option and the gold or Platinum is in charge of training in each. Azucena Sánchez takes training options Gold and Platinum and the coaches of the team are the silver option. All coaches have training and appropriate experience, though each planning through Azucena Sánchez to monitor or advise on what is necessary.

Who makes up the team of trained with Azucena Sánchez?

Here you can meet members of the team. All have training and experience in the world of training

If the service contract will I have results?

Provided that pupils follow the guidelines that we mark results are achieved. Some people get better results than others, and some get results faster and others more slow, everything depends on the involvement you have and the genetics of each person. What if I can tell you is that if you purchase advice online but you don't put it into practice you don't have results, here there are no miracles. If you imply you, you strive and learn, you secure results. That is our experience.

How long can I get results?

It would be unprofessional to give exact for each person times since it varies greatly, mainly depending on how much that person is involved and their "genetics". If that is true that there is a common pattern in the majority of cases: normally you see changes 3 months, what kind of changes? Well, think of something as when people you don't see in 3 months and say – hey, you've been training eh? It shows you a lot! -. Although changes can appreciate the 3 months the biggest changes need longer depending on your involvement, genetics and your initial starting point. If you left over 40 kg in 3 months not will them lose, that we assure you 100%, there are no miracles, just good work.

Our experience has shown us that most people need about 6 months to change your body completely. But this is the average, there are people getting incredible changes in 3 months, and others need 9 months. What is clear is that if you work well, you imply, and follow our guidelines get guaranteed results, that no doubt fit you, the only thing we cannot guarantee you is real time because we would be lying.

Don't trust much distance training, sounds a little like Chinese and I am not convinced.

We understand that fear no doubt, above all by the existence of both professional intrusion in this area. Today anyone can offer training services but do not have any type of training. So here you can see who made up this team and know that you are in good hands. We are not gods or anything like that, but have experience in this field and are trying to continue to learn and do it as best as possible. Fortunately the results with our students behind us. You can always try a month and see if you convinced, here we not eat anyone!