ANDULACION 1“The andulacion, based on the fundamentals that underlie the techniques and effects of massage, a system of advanced technology which emits waves from electrical impulses – generating vibration for body-, combined with the heat emitted by short wave infrared rays”.

Andulacion technology is displayed as an effective complement to the treatment of ailments-skeletal nature and chronic pathologies, with wide spectrum of application in any field related to healthy habits, welfare and improving the quality of life”.



When our body receives a stimulus on an ongoing basis, we can say that just “getting used” to stop responding, reacting to it. Therefore that the vibrations caused by the andulacion system are issued by varying their power within a few intervals, so the body never assimilate a concrete vibration emission and always respond to the stimulus. For example, if we establish the power of vibration at 10 hertz, the system will emit frequencies in the range of 7-14 Hz. This type of vibration it is known as sine.

Also, and with the same goal, the system never emits vibrations from the same source, varying emission areas so that the body can not get used, predict the vibratory impulse, always keeping alert and, therefore, sensitive to stimulation. These “unpredictable” vibrations are called stochastic.



From the activity and stimulation triggered in our bodies by the system by andulacion we get effects that allow add-on treatment of multiple and various pathologies in different biological levels.

  • At muscular level, in addition to its effect on muscle injury prevention, allows the complementary treatment of chronic diseases with patterns of pain such as fibromyalgia, asthenia (or chronic fatigue), or arthritis, as well as associated ailments: Tendinopathies, spasms, inflammation or muscle tear, etc.
  • At bone level, it contributes both bone calcification in the case of osteopenia and osteoporosis, and an increase in mobility articulate and a clear reduction of pain in osteoarthritis, also resulting cash on hernias arising in sciatica or muscle aches associated.
  • At the neurological level, the action of the andulacion induces a relaxation of the nervous system that is highly effective before pictures of insomnia, stress, patterns of pain – coming to eliminate it in some cases, and even in the prevention or reduction of the degenerative processes derived from diseases such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis.

Likewise, the effects resulting both from stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, of the action of the vibrations of all tissues of the body, and the consequent improvement and reinforcement of metabolism, contribute effectively to the treatment of circulatory problems – reduction of inflammation and pain in the lower extremities-, digestive and intestinal, of inflammation of the visceral fat – loss of accumulated fat around abdominal – or skin – muscle conditions on adipose tissue , cellulite.