Massage is able to produce beneficial physiological effects on the health of body and mind.
Despite being as old as man, massage began to be developed as a therapeutic method circa 1,800 BC by the Chinese. It was observed that the friction applied directly to the soft tissue of the body acting directly on the blood circulation, the lymph nodes and metabolic function, improving health and relieving muscular pain and stress.
Then we will show how to activate the physiological effects of massage on our body.

The incredible physiological effects of massage on the skin.


The skin improvement massage techniques, since they increase blood circulation, increase the amount of nutrients to the cells and make’re hydrated, supple and young. This is because the pores gain permeability, ie, increase its selective ability, which prevents leakage of certain substances.
The different types of massage also facilitate peeling dead skin cells, reduce hypersensitivity and may improve healing.

Physiological effects of massage on blood circulation
The massage acts on the superficial lymphatics, arteries and capillaries in the same way that when we compress a plastic tube to move its internal content. This direct and localized action causes blood to move more easily by the body, promotes the distribution of nutrients, eliminating inflammation and increasing of some blood components such as red blood cells (RBCs).
Good circulation acts on increasing metabolism, cerebral oxygenation, and maintenance of muscles.

The massage and lymph nodes


Lymph nodes act as filters in our body. Prevent the invasion of microorganisms increasing the attraction of lymphocytes and macrophages to prevent its passage and diffusion. This activity sometimes gives rise to buboes (swollen glands). But for lymph node function properly there needs to be a good blood circulation.
Massage also acts on the central nervous system. It causes a sedative effect by pressure on sensitive nerves.

As we have mentioned in earlier articles, massage, and provide relaxation and sense of well being, acts directly on human physiology, studying the functions and balance of our body.
The massage is fully indicated today, because when we feel stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol, and during a massage session, cortisol is substantially reduced.
So for a happier and healthier life, we should get a massage at least 1 time per week!

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