World Mountain Bike Marathon in Kirchberg (Austria)

Veronica Leal Cto world mtb Marathon massage & sorting Azu.

Azucena Sánchez next to the Mexican selection of cycling to the world of Mountain Bike Marathon in Kirchberg (Austria)

June 2013

The Valencian rider Azucena Sánchez Benito participated as Tencico national of the Mexican Cycling Federation, the last 28 and 29 June in elCampeonato of the world of Mtb Marathon, disputed in Kirchberg (Austria).

After a year of rest as a professional cyclist, Azucena has been passed to the technical side, sorting and masseuse.

Successes with the Mexican Federation, arrive soon hand of the great runner Veronica Leal Balderas in the UCI Mtb Marathon series bearded vulture in Sabiñánigo (Huesca-Spain) on April 28. Azucena relies much on Veronica and has high hopes for this World Cup.

After the world Lily, will be waiting to confirm its continuity with Mexican Federation and in particular with the Veronica team, this great veteran wants to show how much remaining even as an athlete and teach the young promises everything I learned in his career.

We hope that this will be the great beginning of a well-deserved and long journey toward great achievements.

Source: Mexican Federation cycling.